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Navigating in Woods

Why I Love This Work

Winding Road Video Productions was born from a dream to collect stories through one on one interviews and produce keepsake videos. My goal was to capture memories and create a candid portrait of what makes an individual or a couple who they are...the events of a life, their choices, what was learned, how and what they overcame, the victories and dreams.  Everyone has a worthwhile story to share with their family, friends and ultimately, the world. Unfortunately I often find that people don't see what is special and unique about their life history. Helping others find their story and recognize its worth is at the core of why I do this work.

Unique Storytelling

There is a certain magic that seems to happen in the course of life review. As individuals and couples mine for those precious details that will enrich the lives of their loved ones or their future selves they often come to  recognize a bigger picture. The things that really matter distill and come into focus. Family members sometimes gain a perspective or an answer to questions they never thought to ask but are glad to know. A couple can bottle the joy and freshness of their early retain a reminder of the love that started it all. Individuals can recount the story of how they survived and overcame a life trial. In telling of their journey, clients can provide inspiration and hope for others on the path of adversity.  Its a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor to undertake capturing these moments. My hope is to do more then retain a picture in an album or a passed down story. I want to help people preserve perspectives and memories in their own words.  

Kris Fife
Helena, MT

Hiking Trail

"Kris made me feel  at ease and guided me through the whole process...I'm so excited to give this to my children for  Christmas.


Preserve memories for yourself and your posterity.

I'd love to meet you and discuss what avenue will be best to tell your story. Reach out today!

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